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Never played airsoft before?

Check out the FAQ:

Who can play?

Anyone over the age of 10 accompanied by a guardian or parent.

What should I bring?

• Cooler with drinks, snacks or whatever you want, concessions are also available.
• If you are staying all day, be sure to pack a lunch as well as snacks and drinks.
• Bring chairs and a card/camping table to have something to set your gear on. 
• Bring water, stay hydrated!

What should I wear?

Wear loose fitting pants, long sleeve shirt, and thin gloves.
Wear clothes you don't mind getting dirty.
Don't go out and buy a bunch of camo for the occasion, many just wear jeans.

For guys I recommend wearing a cup, one shot can ruin the day.
Wear a loose jacket or shirt when playing for extra padding.
You'll want something easy on/off to help cool down between rounds.

What else might I need?

Sun Screen
Bug Spray 

Make sure to bring enough money. You may need extra ammo or drinks throughout the day.

Remember that ALL guns are required to have a barrel cover. This is for everyone's safety.